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The town of Rovinj
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Luxury ship arriving in Rovinj
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Apartmanok Horvátországban, Rovinj

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Kiadó apartmanok bos-ko Rovinj | Horvátország nyaralás, hogy megfeleljen a költségvetéseket

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Only 586 kilometres from Munich, 590 from Vienna, and 100 from Triest, waiting for you is one of the most romantic and tourist towns on the Adriatic coast - Rovinj. It is a town of artists and poets, a town with a soul of its own, with classic architecture, history, and culture.

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The town of Rovinj

Bos-Ko Rovinj holiday house
Rovinj has remained well preserved and unblemished by mass tourism. There is still something wild, natural, and warm about the town and its surroundings, not to mention the mild north western breeze (called the Maestral) that fondles you during the day, and cools you smoothly at night. The air aais clean here, the sea welcoming, and stress a word unheard of ... Awaiting you here is an oasis of peace and health.
Beginning in front of our very house, well-kept bicycle tracks take you 40km along both the sea coast and through the beautiful park and forest of Cape Gold. Do not leave your bike at home! It has a developed infrastructure and is easily accesible from all thoroughfares. It is an Environment friendly destination. Rovinj has a multitude of beautiful coves, beaches and a 47,2 kilometre-long point, which constitutes a unique 67,6 kilometre archipelago.
Istria – Terra Magica
Istria is Croatia's largest peninsula and is in the shape of a heart, or a cluster of grapes if you like. It is a divine corner of the world,which one might rightly describe as magical Istria, terra magica or even terra incognita… It is all convincing, familiar and correct, but Istria, with its Slavic, Romance and Germanic heritage, is also a beautiful gateway to Central Europe. Its sea lies so near and Istria is an everlasting and challenging passion. It entices, attrcts, enraptures, captures… Magical, tame, beautiful, dear,fantastic,green and ecologically clean Istria will not disappoint you. In your attempt to discover her, her uniqueness will lure you back to discover more…
Bosko and Dragana Kovacevic in Rovinj

My wife Dragana and I

Apartments house entrance
Rovinj's musical interlude
Many have mentioned Rovinj in their songs, stories, novels and guides.Others have immortalised it on canvas. It is almost impossible to single out one person from the multitude of Rovinj admirers,but there have been many artists,who have been inspired by Rovinj, whether for a longer or shorter period, and who have created works of art in its art colonies and its milieus.
It is the no wonder that Jules Verne immortalised Andreo Serrato, the noble fisherman from Rovinj, in Mathias Sandorf and it is no wonder that it has captivated the eye of royalty.
Rovinj, the most Mediterranean town of all present itself
Rovinj is a town with 14000 citizens, happy and harmonious citizens. It is a fairy-tale town, a town full of fairy tales. It captivates one with its singular beauty and charm as it has done the past seventeen centuries, but, at the same time, it has remained forever young, alive and lively, open to all and a hospitable host to all nations of all ages and during all seasons.
It is a strikingly beautiful and picturesque town, which rises up from the sea and dives into its depths, bathed by the sun, surrounded by greenery and built from magical white stone.
Meteorologists have established that there are 2,400 hours of sunshine per year,and tourists can experience for themselves that sunshine is abundant even in winter - the temperature almost never falls below zero.
Rock climbing in Rovinj near the sea

Rock climbing near the sea

Private Apartment garden
Summers are not excessively hot. The average annual temperature is about 16 degrees centigrade, 7 in winter, 13 in spring, 23 in summer and about 16 in autumn. The average annual temperature of the sea is 16,6 degrees centigrade, and - the 1st of May until the end of October- 24 degrees. Rain is no problem. 940 mm fall every year, while the average humidity is 72%.
In summer, the commonest wind is the "maestral"(from the north-west).
Coll during the day, it returns to the sea at night, taking with it the heat of the town and leaving behind a pleasant freshness.
Situated on the western coast of Istria, Rovinj is within easy access for the whole of Europe: a few hours' drive separates it from Zagreb,Milan,Venazia,Munich,Wiena or Graz.
Sailors need only follow the co-or-dinates 45 05'N-13 37.8'E.
And hope for a calm sea...

My wife and I have been active in tourism for years now so we are familiar with everything of importance in the town of Rovinj and we are acquainted with all the relevant people involved in tourism.
We are at your service round the clock since there is no other job we do besides this one. We can offer you reliable information concerning excursions (amongst others) to Venice, Trieste and the Plitvica Lakes, suggest the right restaurant and entertainment to choose, or where to rent a bike or a small motor-boat of your own. There is also the possibility for you to try your hand at the magnificent sport of diving, under professional guidance.
Our apartments are technically equipped with telephone and fax devices, internet access and digital TV are taken for granted. Of course, the washing mashine is free at your disposal. Very popular with our guests is bar the bar in the lobby where you can enjoy local wine specialities and communicate at ease.
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